Apr 3, 2015

Emraan Haashmi Kiss List - 15 (Bipasha Basu)

Bipasha Basu in Raaz 3D

(Fiction)Bipasha had broken up with John Abraham and the latter went ahead and got married. Bipasha started feeling lonely and wanted to share her feelings with someone. Bipasha used to be scared of kissing onscreen those days, she felt she wasnt good enough, Ranbir Kapoor gave her decent coaching in one of his movies, but she decided to learn the craft from the master himself.

Bipasha wanted to banish her loneliness by making out with Emraan, not just an ordinary make out, a full on passionate love making scene where they could explore deep into each other's mouths, suck each other with passion, go topless, feel the heat off each others bodies. She really wanted to make sweet passionate love, and She did do it. Here it s folks!!  The hot hot scene from Raaz 3D

Scene1: The seduction

Bipasha wants Emraan to do something for her, she begins with seducing him with a God awesome kiss.

 She then takes off his shirt..

 Teases him by kissing all over his face but missing his lips,

Emraan cannot control himslef anymore, pushes her to the other wall, grabs her face and begins kissing and sucking her mouth..

She takes control again, turning him to face the wall, all the while kissing him pattionately..

 She starts to ask him some dangerous favor when he pushes her away..

She doesnt give up, takes him to the bed room, takes off her top and gives him a good view of her assets.

Take ur time Emraan, enjoy the scenery..

Pushes him onto the bed and then slowly massages his genitals while talking to him

really enjoys his topless body all the while massaging his genitals with her pelvis

He really gets turned on by the crotch massage and turns her over to enjoy her better..

Emraan Haashmi Kiss List - 14 (Esha Gupta)

Esha Gupta:  

A model, she came 3rd in Femina Miss India in 2007 and went to compete in the Miss India International contest. She also appeared in Kingfisher swimsuit calendar in 2010. 

Bold woman, she has no qualms in donning a bikini or even posing topless. 

Yes, Isnt she gorgeous. And she also has a slight resemblance to Jacqueline whom Emraan really enjoyed. So she was cast with him in Jannat 2.

Scene 1
She lies on the bed for him wearing a delicious white dress. He then turns her over to get a better look, undresses her and then gets down to business.

Scene 2
No kisses here, but Esha lookin sexy in a sari. Look at her, showing us ample cleavage..

Scene 3
Emraan got another chance with Esha in the movie Raaz 2, This time he had much more fun...lol, 
Looong Loooooong kisses
In this scene Esha is hysterical because she thinks she is possessed by a ghost, Emraan grabs her face and gives her passionate kiss, sucking her tongue till she can regain her senses. This too emraan about 20 seconds . Yum!

After she has regained her senses, Emraan takes her once again and kisses again passionately,

This scene needed them to rotate their position, remove each others clothing, but not to break their lip to lip passionate kissing... This required a lot of takes folks... News is it took them about 20 minutes to finalise this scene..

After all the passionate kisses, they share a slow and tender kiss

Emraan takes out to play in the rain and smooches her nicely.

Thats all.... unless I missed something..