Jul 13, 2008

Ayesha Takia to reduce her boobs size (+5 wallpapers)

For a long time i was a great admirer of Ayesha Takia. especially her bust size and how it seemed so awesomely BIG.

But folks latest news has it, that the boobs are not natural, they have been enhanced by plastic surgery. And all of you people know what happens to girls who do boob enhancing jobs. They get shoulder and back pains of course, and the same thing is happening to our darling Ayesha Takia.

So she will undergo another boob reduction surgery and in the process losing a lot of fans. hhehehe

Anyway folks... here's saying bye bye to those awesome assets..... i really wonder how she will now look without her well known bust size.

Anyway here are few of her bustier pics....enjoy while it lasts!!!!!!!

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